Friday, April 10, 2009

Mom's are the best

I've been seeing shows about how overwhelmed mothers are all week and I just have to say, either my mom hid it very well or she is magical. I prefer to think the latter. It can be the only real explanation for why she can instantly make me feel better even when I am down (way, way down) in the dumps. Talking to her today made me feel instantly less alone, less bored and less afraid. I got a pep talk, a concrete plan for volunteering and even a new approach to finding a job that I hadn't really thought about. I am refreshed and ready to face the world (on Monday). Now I know why we start to scream "I WANT MY MOMMY" when we are afraid as children. I am not ashamed to say that despite being an adult, I still have days when I scream for my mom (both inside my head and out loud). A positive attitude is great in times like these but being lucky enough to have a mom who will take an hour to give her 30 year old "baby" some heartfelt encouragement on a Friday night...well, as cliche as it sounds, there's nothing like it.

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