Saturday, April 11, 2009


Another long day alone. My husband is out, my cat is standoffish and I am multitasking...if you consider sitting in front of a marathon of Real Housewives of New York while typing on the computer multitasking. I looked into volunteering at a few places close to home and filled out some online forms so I feel like I accomplished something. Maybe volunteering will lead me to something greater than I could have imagined. If not, it will lead me off of my couch and out into the world. I already know that helping others will make me feel better. So, today's entry is simple: I propose a toast to a new outlook that focuses on people and things outside of myself. Here's to accepting today and having enough hope to look forward to tomorrow. Yes, I am raising a glass of Reisling and tilting it slightly towards the screen. I have had to give up after work cocktails with friends so tonight, I am celebrating my new beginning on my own. Cheers!

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