Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Circle of Friends

We all know the saying "Misery loves company." I don't like to think of myself as miserable and I surely don't want company lately. I feel like I don't have anything to say to anyone but "Hi. My name is Nicole and I am unemployed." Last night, in catching up with an old friend, I divulged my big unemployment secret and she confessed that she was in the same position. Once that was on the table, I was able to freely confess that for the first week of joblessness, I didn't really see the point of showering or getting out of my pajamas. She laughed and divulged that she went a week without strapping on a bra...and subsequently discovered that when you are ample in that department that bras exist for more than adapting to corporate and social norms. Over giggles, we shared gripes about friends who "envy all of our free time," stress-induced insomnia, coupon clipping, tragically low caps on unemployment benefits, and how much what you do for a living comes up in conversation. We commiserated over what you say when you search for a job for a living. I confess that I have put off chatting with friends and family because its hard to talk about loss without crying or feeling sorry for myself. It doesn't really fit with the positive attitude that my self-help books are encouraging. That said, I felt better after detailing and laughing at all of the hopelessness I was drowning in. So, yes, maybe I am miserable and I need company in this low place but I am pushing off the negative connotation that comes with that old phrase and saying that misery gets better when someone on your level can be your lifeline. A lot of people in my circle of friends are jobless and by talking about our fate, somehow, we laugh and keep each other afloat for another day.

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