Friday, April 24, 2009


Today, I reached over to scratch an itch and to my horror, I discovered that a hair had sprouted on my once smooth right shoulder. I panicked for a moment wondering if there were others and then I gave in to the nap that was begging for my attention pre-itchy hair discovery. As I closed my eyes, my cell phone broke me out of my haze. I reached for it with a heavy sigh. It was my husband telling me about a birthday party he had obligated us to and forgotten. As I tried to fight being annoyed at having to go out and tried to decide what to wear, I realized that I hadn't been out in a social setting since my last day of work. I haven't put on a stitch of make-up, let my hair down or worn anything other than pajamas, work out clothes or jeans for those fancy moments when I got to the grocery store. The only exception has been the one time I left the house for an interview and temp agency registration. I have sent out more resumes than I can keep track of and the phone's not ringing. My friends are all busy with work. I stay in one spot on my couch. I sleep all the time. People!!!! I am hibernating and as of today, I have the furry undercoat to prove it!! I have GOT to get out of the house.

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