Monday, April 20, 2009

Yellow dandelions

When I was young, spring and summer trips to the park were times I relished with my mom. I would always pick yellow dandelions for her and present them as if they were the prettiest flowers that nature could provide. She would always stick on behind my ear. As I grew up, I realized that those pretty bursts of color sprinkled across untouched hillsides and springing out of cracks in sidewalks and driveways were viewed by most as a target for Roundup or some other weed killer. On my way to the gym yesterday, I noticed that there were dandelions all over the untended hill beside the road. I swear they weren't there a couple of days before. It was the first warm, sunny day (no jacket required) that I have experienced in a while, and I guess the dandelions seized the moment. They were there waiting under the surface of the ground for just the right moment and they will last for the rest of the spring. Its like they knew their time to spring up was coming, though they were cold and buried for what seemed like the longest winter ever. Its like the sun. Its always there. On some days, dark clouds may block its rays but its still there, just beyond the clouds waiting to shine. I think that's like me. Its cloudy right this moment. My talent is under the dirt/behind the clouds waiting for the right opportunity to spring forth and shine. The key to keeping my faith is knowing that the right season or the right conditions are coming and I will be given the chance to shine once more. SO, today, on a rainy, cold Monday in New York, I am still underground but I have a yellow dandelion tucked behind my ear.

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