Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Growth Headache

Working in a career focused on social justice/societal change has given me a growth headache. It sounds a bit negative but it is truly a good thing. The issues that I didn't pay attention to before (beyond the occasional "that's so sad") now consume hours of my time. Its not just about counseling and outreach. Its learning (truly learning) about history (full and honest...not 6th grade social studies and 7th grade units on WWI and WWII) and how it has shaped society. I have spent so much time challenging my own ideas and talking through the analysis with others that I've had a headache for days. The bright side is that I'm growing. You know those little sponge creatures that start out tiny but grow exponentially when you put them in water? That's the best way for me to explain what's going on with me. Most importantly, I feel like there's purpose in all of this. It goes beyond clients. It's grooming me. I'm on a path that I couldn't have planned. In giving up some control and just going with what's in front of me, I have learned so much about myself. I've also healed the scars left by my previous work experience. In doing so, I've cleared a path and found a new road-one that I am happy to travel now that I have unloaded some of the baggage from my former life.

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