Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Opportunities

As the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, I was out at a lounge with hubby, my sister and her best friend. It was one of the best times I've had in a long time. At midnight, I made a plan to spend my year being just as I was at it's start: happy, healthy and excited for what's to come. To that end, I didn't make formal resolutions this year. Usually, I do a formal list and share it with my best friend so we can hold each other accountable. We usually start to falter (starting with anything connected to diet and exercise) sometime in February and we usually stop holding each other accountable around June. The same goals end up on the list year after year. Last year, I found setting small goals during the year worked best for me. I was accountable to myself and to anyone I chose to share the goal with. It worked for me and as resolutions go, that's really the point. Find what works and gives you the highest chance of success and go with that. This year, I have some things I want to do and I plan to get there by breaking the goal into bite sized pieces. Here they are:

1. Continue working towards optimal health. Last year, I converted to a vegan diet. This year, I will try to exercise more often. The small goal is to go to the gym, do an exercise video or take a walk 3 days this week. Reality says it will likely be gym or video considering that it is about 14 degrees outside.

2. Meditate more often. I started meditating last year by taking anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes a couple of times a week to just sit quietly with myself to either breathe, pray or think. My short term goal is to do that at least 5 times a week--preferably in the morning so I can clear my head before starting the day rather than waking up with my mind racing through a laundry list of the meetings I have that day, the outfit I'll wear, the obligations I have after work, etc. Another short term goal is to meditate with hubby at least twice a week.

3. Spend more time with family. Hubby and I live in NY. We have family in Brooklyn, Queens, Atlanta and North Carolina and we don't see any of them nearly enough. We are all going through our lives thinking of each other but not really taking the time to set aside a Saturday or Sunday to have dinner or drinks. It is always a special occasion and every time, we say, we should hang out more. This year, I plan to be the driving force behind that. I can't force people to hang out but I can make the opportunity available. The short term goal is to plan a summer vacation where we will rent a house and just barbecue, swim, play games and relax for a week. I'll get the options together and send it out. We'll see who bites.

4. Date Night!! Hubby and I have been doing date night for over a year now. Our marriage was on solid footing before but this has done wonders to bringing us closer and deepening our friendship. We sit, eat, drink and talk for hours. We might occasionally go to a movie but generally, we go somewhere where we can talk. Admittedly, we don't have children yet and I hear that will change things drastically. My short terms goal is to keep date night sacred no matter what.

5. Pursue other interests. I have a lot of things other than the law that I am passionate about. Cooking, writing and making jewelry make me tick in a way that the law just can't. Yet, most of the time, I feel like I am devoting my life to my profession. When I am pursuing my hobbies, I am happy. Based on that happy feeling, I am constantly reminding myself that life can't be all about the work that provides the paycheck. It is the lesson I learned and talked about when I first started this blog and it is one that I am still constantly reminding myself of. Because of it, last year, I was able to write a script that hubby is going to direct, write a cookbook and start a small Etsy shop with hubby. This year is going to be about shooting the film, publishing the cookbook and growing the Etsy business. Fingers crossed!

6. Accept whatever comes. There are a lot of other changes that I think this year will bring based on my own plans and what I'm putting out to the universe in prayer. I don't need to detail them here but the plan is to find peace (through some of my other goals like optimal health and meditation) so I can accept whatever life has for me. Worry less, expect good outcomes. That's the plan.

I'd venture to say my posts this year will be about some part of these goals...not so much a report card as a here's what's going on with me. Here's to manageable goals and forward movement. Feel free to comment and share your goals for the new year. Cheers!

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