Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Resolution Redux

At the beginning of the year, I said I wasn't going to make resolutions this year. I was going to set bite-sized goals and try to chug along little by little. But yesterday, as someone was talking over me during a conference call and I was letting them (for the umpteenth time), I decided I need to be more assertive/confident in 2012 (and thereafter obviously). Trust me that I am not a wilted wall flower cowering in the corner. I like meeting and talking to people. I just have trouble with self promotion. I feel like I am searching for a pat on the back. I don't like people like that so I don't want to be one of those people.

Now, I am in a place where that ridiculous twisted thinking has to change. There is so much that hubby and I want to do this year (chief among them is fully launching (we're already on Etsy) and growing our business) and to do any of them well, I am going to have to come from behind the keyboard and say "I made this necklace I'm wearing. This is why it's great. Please sell it in your boutique, put it in your magazine, or treat yourself by buying one online."

The first step for me was telling friends and family about our business plans. They were all excited for me and just talking about it helped me become more confident. Beyond that--self help consumer extraordinaire that I am--I am trying different exercises to put myself out there. I'll keep you posted and feel free to share your tips for being more assertive and acting with confidence.

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