Monday, April 2, 2012

Girls Night

Never underestimate the value of a girls night. Whether it's low key hanging out around the TV or partying at a bar, there is something so valuable about being with people that love you and give you the freedom to let it all hang out.

This weekend, hubby and I had a fun date night, which always helps me shake off the stress of the week and reconnect over drinks and bar food (for me it's usually chips and guacamole and a couple of glasses of wine or french fries with no salt if I'm feeling indulgent). Saturday morning, he had a shoot and I had a charity breakfast so we ran off in separate directions.

That evening, a friend hosted a Final Four event at her house that was scaled back to three women once the rain started to fall and everyone pulled out. She cancelled the catered food and the reservation on the theatre in her building. The crappy weather in NY this weekend made me want to curl up in bed and put off the visit for another time but I decided I should get out of the house. Everything happens for a reason.

We started with food and wine. By the end of the first game, we'd cheered for our respective teams but we'd also had meaningful conversation about health, kids, work and relationships. Each of us have been dealing with our own issues and once the conversation got started, it was like a therapy circle (during a basketball game no less).

In the course of the conversation, I got stories of two different medical miracles. Obviously, they couldn't have come at a better time. I'm so glad I went and need to make plans to have girls nights more often.

There's no point to this story other than to encourage time with friends. I've been so stuck in my life (and specifically my health) lately and it's nice to lean on friends. It's even better to be leaned on when your friends are going through their own mess.

Girl on a Budget Tip: Girls night does not have to be expensive. After cancelling the catered food, the host decided to do a  veggie and hummus tray, cheese and cracker tray, and chips and dip. We also ordered a pizza that included some veggie slices for me. I contributed wine and dessert (cookies from a store bakery and a tub of dark chocolate covered almonds). Total spend for all of us combined was under $100 and that includes 3 bottles of wine (no we didn't drink them all) and there were plenty of leftovers to make a good Sunday lunch or snacks during the week.

Photo from The Bubbly Professor

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