Thursday, April 5, 2012

When you don't have much to say...

Sometimes, as a blogger you feel pressure to have something profound to say or something great to post every day. I can't speak for all of you, but my daily life isn't interesting enough to maintain that kind of schedule.

Take today for instance. I didn't go anywhere exciting (except home at the end of a long day). I obsessively checked my heart rate and pulse ox every hour and put it in my daily log. I ate soup for lunch. I had to find a quiet minute to meditate at work before I lost my marbles somewhere around 2 pm. My gas light came on about 20 minutes from home (I didn't even notice I was low when I left the office). I cooked, ate and watched TV. Aren't you glad you logged on to this blog today???

I could talk about finding balance amidst the chaos. I have plenty to say about that. I could keep it short and say keep calm and carry on as a reminder to me and to you. I'm not going to do either. Instead, I thought I'd post a photo of something that took the stress right out of my day. Find that something and find a moment to be grateful for that something each day....look ma, I said something kind of profound.

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