Saturday, May 12, 2012

Know How--The "35 is Coming" List

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Thirty Things Every Woman Should Have and Know by the Time She's 30 by the Editors of Glamour and Pamela Redmond Satran. I enough past 30 that 35 is in sight but I love the idea of the list they put together. I love it so much that I thought I'd start my own list. Some of the things on the list were part of my life before 30 and some after. Some are a work in progress. Whether 30 or not, I hope you'll share your additions in the comments section or create your own list.  

Here's my Know How List (so far)

Know how to…

1. Dispute a bill
2. Haggle and work out a great deal
3. Check your oil, change a tire and how to use roadside assistance (or know your way around mass transit if you don't drive)
4. Ask questions of medical providers, service providers, etc. and hold them accountable to answering
5. Take a compliment
6. Check your credit score (and actually check it yearly)
7. Have a meal by yourself and enjoy it
8. How to eliminate toxic friends from your life
9. Calm down (breathing, meditation, prayer--whatever works to get you out of the anger zone)
10. Tell people when they have hurt you without being defensive
11. Fight fairly
12. Advocate for a raise or promotion
13. Say no
14. Trust your intuition
15. Create and stick to a budget
16. Move past fewer and try new things (food, experiences, travel destinations)
17. Cook at least 1 thing well (even if it is Top Ramen or a mean cup of coffee)
18. Recognize when you are being disrespected and do something about it
19. Volunteer
20.  Dress for your body type

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