Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life Happens For Me Not To Me!

By now, you all know that I am a Lifeclass fan/student. Last night was the season finale of the 6 week touring version of the series and so many things in the lesson stood out for me. The focus was on gratitude and the various ways to move through life from that source.

At the start of this blog, I was working on becoming a better version of myself. I was making a conscious effort to find something to be thankful for everyday and even listing them but it wasn’t taking me out of my depression. Ultimately, I was pulled to volunteer my time to a local charity based on my own life experience. I enjoyed it and appreciated the distraction. Truthfully, I thought the distraction was the reward and the reason for the pull. Now, it has led to something so great in my life that I realize the pull I felt back in 2009 was towards my purpose and not just towards a distraction.

The perspective you gain from looking back at all of that is also something to be grateful for. I can see now that my life has happened in the way that it has to uniquely equip me to help others going through similar experiences. Realizing that has helped me find gratitude for the ugliest experiences and the result is that I’ve moved past fear of judgment and more into my truth.

This was all summed up in a Lifeclass moment for me last night. I feel bad because I can’t remember which teacher made the comment but it formed the title of this post. “Life Happens For Me Not To Me.” The point of it all is that we ALL have experiences that we wouldn’t want to re-live, but if we step out of our pain and look back, we can honestly be thankful for the lessons learned and more importantly for the strength we gained. We become better people and servants by surviving adversity. Being thankful for the opportunity to grow rather than lamenting the pain you felt in the moment frees you from the pain and lets you move from gratitude. When I am feeling victimized or stressed, I am going to try to repeat “Life Happens For Me Not To Me!” like the mantra it is.

I hope this didn’t come off too preachy. Thanks for checking in.

On another note, look for an upcoming post on the things to do and know by 35. I started working on the list as a follow up to my last post and they just keep coming.

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