Thursday, August 16, 2012

National Relaxation Day

Yesterday was National Relaxation Day. The goal of the day is to encourage people to take a step back and decompress. When I first heard it announced on the radio, I laughed because it’s in the middle of the week and for most people, taking a moment to decompress is close to impossible while in the throes of a work day. I also laughed because we live in a society where there is a constant push to do more, buy more and be more. Not that it’s right, but when you have to work or raise kids or both, where is the time to relax?

The truth is you have to take it. You have to be aggressive about snatching a little time for yourself each day to go to the spa, take a hot bath, exercise, have a glass of wine, play sports, laugh, or lock yourself in your room to avoid being locked in a padded white room (whatever works). Either that or move somewhere where there are siestas or lunch breaks that people actually leave the office/job site for. I try to work some time for myself into each day but am not always successful and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t work right through lunch. For that reason, I try to work as much relaxation into my weekends as possible. If I can limit my e-mail checks to once a day on the weekends and dedicate the rest of my time to Date Night (woo-hoo!), sleep, and time with family, friends and pets, I am better prepared for the next week.

I agree that we all need to take time to relax but its probably not going to be on National Relaxation Day. If the need for relaxation was that highly respected, we’d get the day off. So I say, to heck with national recognition (or lack thereof since I’m guessing that most people didn’t know about it) of unobserved holidays. Try to relax a little everyday even if its just a 1 minute meditation to calm down while you’re in the bathroom at work (TMI? Sorry—you have to take it where you can).

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