Friday, August 17, 2012


I was feeling bad about procrastinating on my passion projects over the past few months and then my perspective changed a bit (but just a bit). I was full steam ahead on the development of my jewelry line and my writing when I went into the hospital back in February. After getting out, everything just kind of declined. I was too busy worrying about my health and my job to carve out the time I needed to design a necklace or work on a book chapter. My blogging also fell by the wayside a bit.

Today, I was listening to a replay of Jennifer Lee’s interview of Danielle LaPorte. In responding to a question about procrastination and time management, Danielle noted that sometimes procrastination can be a form of divine intervention. Maybe you aren’t ready for the next step or the launch of a new product. It can be God’s way of pressing pause while you work through necessary first steps.

While I think sometimes procrastination is laziness (and I have plenty of life examples to show for it), her thought made a lot of sense. Let’s take the jewelry company for example. I started an Etsy site a few years ago when my relationship with corporate America was on hiatus and I was making bracelets for stress relief. I never did much with it and consequently, never sold anything. Then, in late 2011, Ash started making his own versions of jewelry he wanted and got so many compliments that I told him to add them to the Etsy site. I added some new pieces too. We got sales within the first 2 weeks. That pushed me to do research into starting a jewelry business. Ash is an entrepreneur, so I knew a bit about what it takes to start and market your business. He would be my partner in the jewelry company so I figured I’d be set.

Before anyone could blink, I was buying domain names and tons of supplies. I was coming up with designs and coming up with photo shoot concepts for the lookbook. What I never really did was think about my intention for the business or develop a plan of where I ultimately wanted it to go. I just wanted to create beautiful things for people. About a month after my February hospital stay, I walked into the workroom Ash created and sorted through all of my supplies. It got me a lot more focused and through the Spring, I sat with Ash and we developed a vision and a plan. With new perspective courtesy of Danielle, I can believe that the Winter procrastination was a bit of divine intervention.

Now, in late summer, we still haven’t started to put that plan into action. The June hospital stay was a bump in the road but at the end of August, everything else is back to normal but I have only executed 2 of 15 designs. That, my friends, is the other side of procrastination—the lazy, couch potato part. That is the part that goes to buy new bedding and lets it sit in the corner of the bedroom for a month. That’s the part that would rather watch reality TV after a long day in the office rather than whipping out the needle nose pliers to work on a new necklace. I need to get it together. Summer’s coming to an end. I’m not going back to school but its time to get back to work. Hopefully, I can hold myself accountable.

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