Monday, September 24, 2012

Beyond Date Night: Six Flags Great Adventure

A couple of weeks ago (sorry I'm late with the post), we fell gracefully back into our youth by spending the day at Great Adventure. We rode roller coasters, took pictures from high up on the ferris wheel, ate junk food and laughed a lot. From the moment we walked through the gates until the moment we got back in the car to travel home, we had a blast. No worries all day…just joy—except when we rode Kingda Ka and I destroyed my back by not being properly braced for the crazy turbo bolt (128 mph) out of the station. When I limped off the ride, a woman was there who told me she’d knocked her vertebrae out of alignment before and now has an implant. Her chiropractor friend actually checked my back and said I was fine but should see my own chiropractor if it still hurts in a few days. Luckily, after some ibuprofen and some time with a heating pad, I was fine.

But I digress. As we drove home, we talked about more early Fall dates we could do in and around the city (before the temperature drops to 20 degrees) and came up with a few things we’ve put off for years. We did Governor's Island while it was still warm. We did Great Adventure and we've done a few other things since then. Because of that, I decided to make this a regular series on the blog. I’ll blog about the experience, the budget and whether I’d recommend it. For the Great Adventure Date, it was tons of fun if you love amusement parks. It isn’t budget friendly. This was our September entertainment splurge. Between the cost of parking, the tickets and the wallet busting food prices, I could have gotten a couple of new outfits for Fall (I’m a bargainista) BUT the experience is worth the price. After all, I won't remember a great new shirt or pair of shoes at the end of my life but I will remember screaming and laughing with my husband on coaster after coaster. Going on a Fall weekend after school starts makes for lighter crowds, shorter lines and more riding time. I would highly recommend it. Have any ideas for great Fall dates/day trips? Let me know!

Detailed Costs:

Tickets: $42.99 each (online discount--unfortunately, the Coca Cola can discount ends after Labor Day)
Parking: $22.00 (or $32 if you want preferred parking closer to the park)
Food/Drinks: $25.00

Date Total: $132.98

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