Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Playlist: Halloween

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that I’ve been adding a lot of new regular features. One of those features is going to be the Friday playlist. I listen to music—all kinds of music—all the time. At work, I have headphones on. In the car, the volume is all the way up (or at least as loud as I can take it). I do switch over to the news every now and then but generally, it’s all about the music. It helps me through rough times and provides the soundtrack for the good times. I can fix a song to most parts of my life. Ok, you get it.

I was creating a Friday playlist last week for the drive home (it’s a long commute) and when I got home, I continued listening to the playlist while I got ready for date night. As usually, the music helped me shake off the week and allowed me to dance like no one was watching (very freeing—try it if you haven’t). I decided after that to start a Friday Playlist feature on the blog.

This week, the theme is Halloween. I’ve done playlists for many a Halloween party. Usually, I pepper the Halloween themed songs in with good party songs and current hits. For the Friday Playlist, it’s all about the theme. So, here is the dark, creepy playlist with a little Halloween kitsch and classic thrown in for good measure. I mean really…what’s a Halloween playlist without Thriller, Rocky Horror and Monster Mash??

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