Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Quotable

"A man who is a master of patience is
master of everything else."
--George Savile

Truth moment? I'd planned another quote for today and then I needed to look up quotes about patience because it has been one of those mornings. I commuted for an hour and a half to get to an appointment aimed at getting me on the right dose of blood thinners. When I got there, the parking garage attached to the building was full and I had to find an alternate, which led to me having to run (which is pretty hard with the PAH compromising my lungs) to make my appointment. As fate would have it, I got there just as the nurse did and she had to calibrate the machine before seeing me. I was in the waiting room for 20 minutes, they saw me for 2 minutes to prick my finger and then said I'd have to come back next week. Third week in a row. I used to go to a clinic 5 minutes from my house. Now, I have to...ok, I'll stop with my litany of complaints about going to the doctor. You get it.  

I left the office in a rush to get to work as I was already 30 minutes late at this point. It took me 45 minutes to get across town...six blocks to be exact. LOVE that NYC traffic.

As I was about to get into the tunnel, this happened.

Yes, the truck just stopped at an angle in the middle of the street to make a delivery blocking everyone behind him. I felt myself hitting the end of my patience. Once he finally moved, I pushed forward like a typical New Yorker--honking horns, zooming around people and trying to make it through crosswalks before people started walking. After I exited the tunnel, I discovered there was a building fire causing a lot of the traffic. I felt terrible for my short fuse. There are people out there going through real issues and there I was letting traffic and being late ruin my day.

I made a note to myself to get a friggin' grip and focus on something that makes me happy. I said a quick prayer for the people impacted by the fire and turned on some good music to get through the rest of the drive. The first thing I looked for when I had a free moment was quotes about patience.

Mastering patience is a lifelong process--or at least it seems like that to me. This quote seemed to fit though I don't know if you really become master of everything else once you master patience. I think you just develop a tolerance to get through everything else.

The quote I was originally going to use?

"If you aren't living on the edge,
you're taking up too much space."
--Marshawn Evans

When I first heard the quote (at a great conference I went to last week), I thought "who wants to live on the edge all the time?" It sounds stressful. Then, as is usually the case, I changed my mind after sitting with the quote for a while. It's not necessarily about living a life of constant drama or running head first into stress. It's about taking the risks that will get you to the next level...about living your dreams and running on whatever is the cutting edge of your life to you can get to the next level. At the same time, if you're going through the motions each day and staying in a rut (which I've been guilty of many times during my life), you're off the edge and you're not contributing whatever gift you are meant to give to the world.

As a couch potato, I'm taking up space no matter what justification I use (tired, mentally blocked, stressed, etc.). I'm that much further from my dreams and further from jumping from the proverbial edge up to the next level. That quote was the inspiration I needed to keep teetering on the edge of something new for my life rather than resting on my laurels (or my comfy, cozy couch).

There, two for the price of one. Happy Monday!

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