Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stepping Out of the Box

I wouldn’t say I have an issue with control but I am a maker of to do lists and I like to have a plan most of the time. Ok…honestly, I do like to be in control. I don’t like being the weak one in a situation and I like to know what’s coming. For better or worse, life just doesn’t allow that to happen.

If I’ve learned anything this year, it is that a to do list is fine but plans aren’t guarantees. It’s just a mental list of how we want things to go. You know that old saying that we make plans and God laughs? Yeeeaaahhh. Totally true.

Because of this year, I’ve learned to step out of my tidy little mental box and let go of plans. I could have gotten extra rigid considering all of the medication I have to take, the doctor appointments to make and the health/rest considerations that are now ever-present in my life.

Instead, when I’m not working, I go where the moment takes me. Ash played a big part in that because that is what he does. He is not a list maker and has no idea what he’s doing 6 weeks from now unless it involves date night or a shoot. That used to frustrate me but I learned to just go with the flow.

Life is so much easier because I left the rigidity in the box. I use my list making love where it’s needed to minimize stress (paying bills, projects at work and for my blogs, packing for a trip). For the rest of my life, it’s all about being present in the moment. Every day contains the opportunity to do and learn something new. No bucket list here. Just enjoying life as much as I can through random times of the fabulous kind.

Why share that? Well, it has decreased my stress level and opened me up to some awesome experiences. I think anything that lends itself to greater happiness is worth sharing.

Let’s start a movement. Anyone feel like dropping the reigns with me?

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