Friday, November 30, 2012

Sneak Peek

Usually, I don't do a sneak peek of what is coming up on the blog. I have a list of post ideas in the month before I plan to post them but it changes all the time. Sometimes, projects don't come out as expected. Sometimes, I have to move things around because of my schedule. Sometimes, I'm too sick or too lazy to plough through to the end of a post idea and I bump it over to the following month. In any event, you get it . Previews aren't my thing.

This month, for some reason, I am like a kid wanting to peel back corners of wrapping paper to reveal what's under the Christmas tree. The regular features (Friday Playlist, Monday Quotable, Happy Hour, What I Can Control (Lupus)) will still be around but may have a bit of a holiday bent. Tis the season!

Without further ado, here's a little visual sneak peek of what's to come during December.

Here, we'll be doing a gift series. Gifts under $25, gifts for a good cause, DIY gifts, and hostess gifts for those wonderful people in your life who open their homes for your holiday enjoyment.

Under The Roof: All about Christmas Decor (well, almost). I'm in the spirit and doing some DIY to bring my new black and white theme to life. I'll be posting as it comes together.

Style: It's the season of holiday parties. The Style page will be all about fun frocks and sparkly accessories to get through the season in style.

Food: The focus will be on Christmas menus, holiday party finger foods, and tons of sweet confections for eating and gifting! Even Happy Hour will get a bit of a holiday makeover.

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