Friday, December 7, 2012

American Horror Story and A Lesson on Christmas

Do you watch American Horror Story? It is one of my favorite shows and has been for the last two seasons. That said, I never thought it would be the place for a moral lesson. Yet, the other day, it was just that for me. Somewhere between the murder and suspense was a line about society replacing the meaning of Christmas with the pursuit of things. Creepy, murderous Santa helped drive he message home. 

I thought about all of my gift lists and references to the season on the blog. I plan to keep doing all of that but I did wonder for a second if I was losing track of the "reason for the season." I don't think I have. For me, it is in the love of those around you, the forgiveness of past wrongs, and the joy in people's faces when you give a thoughtful gift. It is in time with family and friends away from the grind of work. It's a time when things seem to settle down, if only for a few days. It doesn't matter what you celebrate. It's how it makes you feel and what amount of reverence you give to the beliefs behind it.

Shopping for and wrapping gifts, curling up with hot chocolate, listening to Christmas carols, cooking a feast for the family or decking the halls (and the tree and the door) are just a manifestation for the joy I'm feeling on the inside. Remembering my happy 5-year old self when I see Santa doesn't mean I forgot about the Christ in Christmas. My ability to have peace through all that's going on in my life comes from my connection to Him. That said, the note from AHS was a good reminder to really be present and focus on what matters at this time of year. What a good lesson...who would've thought I'd find it in a show where a devil-possessed nun is taking over an insane asylum with a Nazi war criminal that is conspiring with a priest to experiment on the deranged and forgotten (again, if you haven't seen AHS, catch up!)

Thought I'd share. Happy Friday and to my Jewish friends, enjoy the start of Hanukkah tomorrow. Hanukkah Sameakh!

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