Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Gift List: $75 and Under

Today’s gifts are in the $75 and under category but the gifts really range from about $30-$75 given the separate $25 and under list. The items range from functional to totally frivolous but that’s what gifts are about—giving things to folks that they’d love but never buy for themselves. Here’s to a little joy this season.

1. Loliware Edible Cups ($30 for a box of 4). This one goes in the cool but frivolous category. They are only sold in New York City for now, but you can reach out to the company to explore out of state options in the future. The cups come in Bitter (bitters), Salty (lime), Sour (lemon), Spicy (pepper) and Sweet (vanilla) in sets of 4, 12 and 48 cups. Talk about conversation piece for a cocktail party. You can also find recipes on the site that are compatible with each cup flavor. Order at AHA Life or on the Loliware site.

2. Fornash Derby Bracelet ($38 at Fornash but on sale at Open Sky for $29 until December 13, 2012). Bracelet comes in black, blue, orange, white, pink and green. The bracelet is 100% leather and closes with a gold plated horse bit.  

3. Morrocan Tea Glass Set ($40 for a set of 6). These glasses are beautiful because of their jewel tones (you can also find them in orange, red, and gold). While traditionally used for tea, they can also be used as votive holders, small vases or in the bathroom to hold makeup brushes, cotton swabs and cotton balls.  

4. Angie ring by Robert Chiarella ($58). It's always good to have a cute statement piece. Necklace, cocktail ring or otherwise. Robert Chiarella is a great source for that. I chose this one because of my love for all things green but there are many options. The ring is also on sale at Open Sky for a limited time ($44).    

5. Cubist Appetizer Serving Set ($50). It's party season. This sleek and modern serving set will make a great home for appetizers before they are snatched up. Consider giving it to the hostess with the mostest (yes, I really just said that) in your life.  

6. Table Topics ($30). It's always fun to have something on hand to get the conversation going at a dinner party. This cute set is sure to help make some memories...especially after a couple of cocktails. Sets also available for families and for girl's night out 

7. Customized Dog Collar ($40). I can't forget gifts for the pet lovers in my life. I love my little fur babies. They are worth a splurge. Somehow, I think my fellow pet owners will agree.  

8. Me & Kashmiere Cashmere Scarf ($62 on Open Sky). Love the bright colors and 60% discount on this pretty scarf. I have tons of scarves to get me through the cold NY winters and feel like you can't go wrong with them as a gift.  

9. Cashmere Intarsia Monogram Gloves ($58). Cashmere with a nod to techie needs. These gloves allow you to use your touch screen phone, tablet, etc. without freezing your fingers off...and they're personalized. Love.  

10. Horse Bit Layering Necklace ($48). Generally, I like statement necklaces but for gifting, you never know what statement a friend or family member wants to make. That makes me keep it simple. This necklace can be layered with others or worn alone on more casual days.  

11. Pebbled Leather Continental Wallet ($68). I'm a sucker for a colorful wallet and I change them with the season. This one adds a nice pop of color in the cold winter months. It also comes in black, beige and red.  

12. Ikat Print Dinnerware: ($10 to $14 per piece): I love the idea of mixing bright colorful dinnerware into my standard collection. These pieces pop and would work well with standard white plates. Adding 4 salad plates would only cost you $48 and would add a nice splash of color.  

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