Friday, January 18, 2013

First 5 Things

The first 5 things are ready to go. Among them are shoes that I love but never fit right despite being my size. They've never been worn and have been sitting among my shoes for at least 4 years. Can't believe it myself. Why didn't I return them??? Who knows.

I am also donating a sweater that was abandoned a long time ago by my sister, a scarf that I no longer wear, a coat that I got someone as a gift (it didn't fit and was on clearance so I couldn't return it), and a laptop bag that I got as a gift and never used.

To charity they go. I hope someone gets some use out of them.

This week's 5 things was actually pretty easy I will admit that as I was pulling things, I started to get that "oh, I forgot about this dress/shirt/cute pair of jeans. I might wear it again. I can't get rid of it yet!" feeling. It is hard to put that aside--at least for me. But, I'm in this. I'm committed. It's just going to be harder as I run out of things that don't fit or that weren't intended for me. Pep talk anyone? Happy Friday!

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