Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine's Day Is Coming...

...and I am still stuck on Christmas. Seriously, I haven't put my ornaments back in storage or changed my dining room table. Sigh. I was grocery shopping last night and noticed that the front section of the store was filled with teddy bears, heart shaped boxes of candy and other assorted Valentine's Day themed stuff.

I haven't even started thinking about it. Ash and I usually cook for each other and have a nice dinner at home. We don't do the roses and candy thing. We do exchange silly inexpensive gifts. The tradition started years ago when he got me a dollar store coffee mug with a heart shaped handle and hugging teddy bears on it. In return, I got him a pink bear that screams I LOVE YOU and makes a kissing noise. Over the years, the gifts have gotten a bit more sentimental but still under $25. We've exchanged paintings, penguins (it's a thing for us), and love letters. I have no clue what we're doing or cooking this year but whatever we cook, there will be a post about it on Scalded Pot.

For friends and family, I sometimes do cards or baked goodies. Over the years I've done dinner parties with my single girlfriends (complete with a strawberry cake with Boys Suck emblazoned on the top), gone out dancing, or gone old school and exchanged those cute little cards that come in packs of 25 that I used to give out in elementary school. I think I'm sticking with that type of retro simplicity this year. Little cards and homemade chocolate lollipops? Maybe chocolate chip cookies in heart printed cellophane bags with curly red ribbon? Heart shaped brownies?

Have you started shopping for your loved ones? If you need ideas, the folks at To & From Magazine have put together an awesome gift guide. Check it out below. If you can't see the virtual catalog below, click here.

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