Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day

As Hallmark Holidays go, I guess Valentine's Day is my favorite. I don't get into the commercial side of it (as if you couldn't tell from me calling it a Hallmark Holiday) but I take any chance to celebrate love. When Ash and I first started dating, we did all of the traditional things. Flowers came to the office. Dinner was fancy. Gifts were expensive. Then, for unknown reasons, we decided to stop. Perhaps it was in the midst of stressing over a reservation at a high end restaurant (one that I'd likely be late for because of my formerly crazy work hours). No one should be stressing about how to show love.

Now, we make an awesome dinner at home. Any gift has to be inexpensive or handmade. We've done cheesy dollar store gifts, NYC street vendor gifts, handmade art, love letters and food. A few flowers may creep their way into the house but generally, it's a pretty stripped down Valentine's Day.

In that spirit, I wanted to do a post of my favorite Valentine's Day DIY gifts. A couple will be on my list for friends and family this year. As for the hubs, I see some art in his future...that and some yummy food (which I will post about on Scalded Pot). In the meantime, if you want to DIY, here are some ideas:

Uncommon Valentine

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Love Sharpie Mugs

Heart Notebook

Relationship Scrapbook

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Heartbeat Necklace

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