Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

There are always mixed feelings about this day but whether you are part of a couple or not, love is the focus. I talk about it all the time, but love should be the focus of everyday. Love for friends, family, significant others, pets, and most importantly love for yourself should drive all of your decisions. Choosing it over anger, fear, depression, etc. helps open a larger space for gratitude in your life.

Today, love yourself and tell the people who love you (flaws and all) that you love them beyond measure. Thank them for letting you be your true self. Hug someone (even if it's you) and try to brighten someone's day. And if you have the urge to hire, let that rotting bouquet and disembodied teddy bear be a visual for the death of the baggage that drove you to spend money on dead flowers in the first place. Fill that space with something better.

To my parents, thank you for teaching me to love and for always being there. To my syblings, thank you for teaching me patience (ha!) and for being examples for what good human beings should be. To my friends, thank you for being family and loving me through it all. And finally, to my love, you make me braver and better able to face each day. Thanks for holding me tight enough to make me feel secure and letting go enough for me to fly. I love you.

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