Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday Quotable

It is hard to find a reason to laugh every day. Sometimes, we're grieving. Sometimes, we are exhausted and sometimes, we're just plain mad. That said, the days where you can let loose and belly laugh with good friends, family or even by yourself are the best days. Ever laugh until you cried? It's bliss. It's all about the freedom of the moment. Your heart feels good, you are fully present and nothing seems wrong with the world. It's like a mini mental vacation.

Today's picture is from an Oscars/birthday party I went to this weekend. There was a red carpet outside and we were all taking pictures at the end of the night. Ludo (the dog shown in today's photo) ran outside as if the carpet was calling him for his big moment. He plopped down right in front of the Oscar statue and smiled up at the camera. It took us all away from fixing our hair and adjusting our clothes and made us laugh. We were all immediately present in the moment. Hands down, one of my favorite moments of the night. Then we all hugged and ended the night. Friends, love and laughter make the days worth living. Happy Tuesday.

p.s. Sorry the Monday Quotable is being posted on Tuesday. I took some much needed time off yesterday.

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