Monday, March 4, 2013

Life Lately

I've been super delinquent on posting photos to Instagram despite keeping up on my 365 project. I'm going to get better for those that follow me there (@nmatthews241) but in the meantime, I thought I'd do a "Life Lately" post. Happy Monday! Usually no one is excited about Monday so I thought I'd give it a little love by adding an exclamation mark. Seriously though, have a great day.

Here's what's pictured.

I have a thing for almonds...well nuts of any kind really. Healthy snack, happy tummy. Blue Diamond has the best selection of flavors and I'm currently obsessed with the rosemary and black pepper. Last month it was salt and vinegar. Before that, it was toasted coconut. Yum.

The plant is the symbol of a new day. Ash and I have murdered our share of plants. This little cut is from a plant in my dad's house. We're doing our part to keep it alive and it's working (yay!).

Red velvet cupcakes. Enough said.

A good Oscars party not only calls for an Oscar to pose with (see bottom row), it also calls for a red carpet cake complete with a ball gown donned celebrity Barbie. The dress is a cake. So yummy.

We hung out at Grand Central Station to check out the 100 year anniversary exhibit. Haven't had to commute through there in quite a while. It was a good day that called up some fun memories. The vintage luggage on the bottom row is from the exhibit.

I spend a lot of time with that little pup. A year ago, I said no when Ash asked me if I wanted a pup. Now, I couldn't love her more.

LOVE in the month of love. This was my latest artistic contribution to a series of prints and paintings focused on the word.

Black nails were the choice for a few weeks in February. I think it's a pretty common color now but I always stayed away from it. Seemed sad to me before. Then I decided that colors aren't sad. It's chic. I like it.

Super indulgent spinach dip at Yard House for a lunch with one of my favorite people.

Beads and charms for my latest gratitude project.

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