Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Lately

1. First try at polka dot nails. Waiting for Spring.
2.Gin & Ginger @ Yard House (one of my faves)
3. Photo from the plane during travel this month.
4. Crumbs Bake Shop Splurge. YUM.
5. Rose Gold manicure.
6. Donating clothes as part of my purge project.
7. Took a spill. Hairline fracture. My first sling. Boo!
8. Came across this pic of me as a baby and it screams happiness to me. I keep it on my phone as a reminder to feel joy and gratitude as much as I can every day.
9. Broken rose gold manicure. Darn airport luggage carousel (and, general clutziness).
I'm beginning to think these are the laziest blog posts ever but since I'm trying to keep typing to a minimum this week (see photo 7), photos are easier. Here's the past week or so in photos...gotta get back to keeping my Instagram current. What have you been up to? Leave your Instagram handle in the comments and I'll follow you. Happy Monday!

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