Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Quotable

I saw Dr. Robin Smith on Super Soul Sunday yesterday and there were many quotes that struck me.  I'd planned for another one but as is usually the case, the start of my day made me change my mind. I was moving through my morning with a chip on my shoulder because I was tired and had an appointment that I needed to make and thought I'd be late for. I ended up being on time and just as the day was going well, I fell and hurt my wrist and arm. I was pouting and letting the bad energy get the best of me. It has gotten much worse as it swells but at least I didn't break anything. At least I am alive with no need for another medical bill. Ultimately, its just a little discomfort. That change in perspective helped make my day better. I talk about gratitude and its transformative power a lot on this blog but, sometimes (often), I need a refresher. This quote did that for me. Happy Monday!

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