Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Own Worst Critics

I shared this video on my Style blog but also felt compelled to share it here where I talk so much about being yourself and loving who you are.

It is amazing how we see ourselves so differently than other people see us. I will confess that when I see pictures of myself, the first thing I am drawn to are the features I don't like. My round face, my thin top lip, my squinty eyes that tend to close when I smile...

I also tend to downplay compliments when people give them. It is just now, that I am getting comfortable just saying "thank you" when someone says I look nice. Before, I was only comfortable taking that from  Ash and my family.

I am getting better at being more positive towards myself but there is always work to do. I do a little exercise on days when I'm not feeling super cute. As I get ready for work and I'm in front of the mirror doing hair and makeup, I try to pick one feature that I can focus on and compliment it.

“Your hair is really full looking today.”  “Your eyes look bright and happy.”  “Look at those cute little freckles.”  It makes me feel so much better than saying "Ugh, I've got a pimple." or "My face is so fat!"
Then I remind myself that beauty comes from within and I go out and practice kindness to others. That always makes me feel great about myself and about others.
What do you do when you are feeling overly critical of yourself?

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