Thursday, April 11, 2013

Using "Busy" as an Excuse

I don’t know about you but I find myself saying “I’m really busy” as an excuse for why I don’t get to a lot of things these days. Don’t get me wrong. I am pretty busy but the time I spend watching TV at the end of any given day could totally be replaced with time spent on chores, hanging out with friends, going to the gym or writing.

The reality is that you make time for what you want to make time for. Being busy is often just an excuse that sounds softer than, “Cleaning is on the bottom of my priority list so that huge pile of clothes in the laundry room is my fault. I chose to watch a marathon of Millionaire Matchmaker instead” or “I know we haven’t hung out in a few months but I’d rather go from my meetings to my couch rather than go out to dinner.”

Like I said, I am busy but I have the power to set my schedule. My job and volunteer activities are not so unreasonable that I can’t do anything but that. I am really just pushing things off because I’m using “busy” as an excuse to be lazy. I know this is the case because the need to clean always comes eventually. It is usually when we are out of something essential—underwear, socks, silverware, sheets (can’t believe I just told you that) but when it is necessary, magically, there is time for it. The same goes for hanging out with friends. Sure, there are Saturdays when I’d rather close the curtains and stay in bed but I’ve managed to get up and out to see friends over the past few weeks with no issue.

In the end, it is all about LIVING life. Existing is for the birds. It is not what we are here for. I’m working on really being busy (except when I need some lazy time) doing fun things (or necessary things) rather than just saying my job is SOOOO busy and using it as an excuse to stay in bed. Here’s to living. Cheers!

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