Friday, May 10, 2013

Living Life to the Fullest

About a week ago, a friend of mine told me about CareerBliss’ Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs of 2013. She noted that we’d both worked for years in the UNHAPPIEST JOB IN THE COUNTRY (insert ominous music here). I’m not in that job anymore but I can acknowledge that there were times when I felt like the unhappiest girl in the world while I was there. Yet, I kept plugging away hopeful that it would all be worth it someday. It never became “worth it” in that place but I learned a valuable life lesson about not letting my job dominate my life.

Good for me, right? Even with that decision, there are times when the job takes over and I find myself wondering if it were my last day, would I be doing what I’m doing now. Illness has a way of making you think about those things. Of course, really awesome days always have that effect. I find myself wishing life could always “be this way” on my best days.

Could it be? Well, if you take some time to define what truly living life means to you, and you take time to do even some of those things, maybe so. A group of researchers in the UK recently did a poll on what makes for a fulfilled life to mark the release of Life of Pi on DVD. The poll resulted in a list of “The 50 Ways to Live Life to the Full.”
What did they find? People want to relax into their lives in order to enjoy it - by stopping all the worries about what other people are thinking, how much money they have and by concentrating on what you have been blessed with rather than what you don’t have.

For me, it all goes back to living in the present and not worrying about what didn’t work out yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Life is right there for the living. So, friends, happy living and Happy Friday!!

In case you’re interested, here is the list from CareerBliss, you can find it here.

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