Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Quotable

I saw this quote while I was out this weekend and I knew it had to be today's quote. (It's also going to be the subject of an upcoming home DIY so stay tuned.) This is so closely aligned with how I feel about life these days. I'm trying to separate job and life and focus on really living...being present for experiences, laughing and loving, being grateful. The quote also helps me get some perspective when I feel bummed out about work and trying to find the true purpose of my life. I hope it provides you with some perspective as well. Here's to making a life! Happy Monday!

*The photo is of the tree right outside my front door. The first buds finally popped out and the bloom is just around the bend. It was one of the last ones on the street to get to this point so I had to snap a pic.

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