Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday Quotable

This quote is motivation to stop worrying and dwelling. Live life in the present. Be in the moment and try to be as free as you can in that moment. Choose what you love over what pays the bills (well, unless paying the bills is what you love). The truth is all of our journeys come to an end at some point. I want to leave a glowing golden streak on the world. Blazing that trail of light isn't going to be done from behind a desk doing something I am not passionate about. What I do from behind that desk too often feels dim and small. I want bigger things for myself.

Of course, there is always a need for balance. I can't just run off into the sunset and pretend I don't have responsibilities and goals that require some of what I'm learning now. It's a process, but I have to keep grabbing the building blocks and stacking them in my favor. I can't be stagnant and just wait for life to happen. I have to go after the next building block rather than waiting for it to come to me.

What does all this esoteric babbling mean? In part, it means it is late and I've had a long day that was mentally and physically tough (I got through an emergency work issue that lasted from 6:30 am until 8:45 pm and I did it from the infusion unit at HSS on about 4 hours of sleep--fail in terms of self care). On the other hand, it means I'm refocused on following the steps:

Goals. Plan. Execution. Next level. Start again. Always growing towards making a life out of my passion projects. And with that, it is 1:31 am and I am putting this day to bed. Nite.

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