Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life Lately: Vacation Edition

As you can see, life lately has been all about vacation. You might remember me posting earlier in the year about me and Ash renewing our vows (and our commitment to living life to the fullest). After all of the scary, life altering hospital time I faced last year, it seemed like a natural decision. So, last week, in the waters of St. Maarten, we did just that.

1. Fish circling for more food in St. Maarten
2. Shot of the coastline in St. Maarten
3. The beach in Nassau, Bahamas
4. Headed out to open water in Nassau, Bahamas

5. Ash on the balcony at sunset
6. Ash and I kissing a little bird left in our room by our attendant
7. Sipping wine on the balcony just before sunset
8. Snorkeling in St. Maarten

9. Caipirinhas were the drink of the week.
10. Roti for lunch in St. Thomas
11. Ice cream Sundae for 2 on Asher's b-day
12. Rum punch in Nassau

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