Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mini Challenges

We're about halfway through the year. How are your New Year's Resolutions going? Unless you are totally on track or ahead of your goal (shout out to you and your fabulous self if you are), you might need something to invigorate you. I found something to revive my drive. It's all about the mini challenge.

It started on vacation. I wasn't quite where I'd planned to be with my optimal health resolution. After talking to my mom, sister and close friend, we've all decided to set a 6-week mini challenge to get back on track. For me, that means turning off the TV and going to sleep earlier, doing some type of exercise at least 3 times a week, going to walk the dog in the morning instead of snoozing until the last minute and leaving it to Ash, and reverting back to a diet that is more vegan than vegetarian.

A big part of the mini challenge is INCENTIVE! We decided to all put a base amount of money into a pot. Then, we will each weigh in every week. If we gain in any given week, we have to put in a penalty amount that week. It won't be a huge pot of money at the end but, it is a little carrot dangling out in front of us enticing us to get moving.

Doing a mini challenge with others is also great INSPIRATION. We are already sharing good, healthy recipes and checking in with each other on a regular basis. Some of us are tracking on Sparkpeople. I find that helps me a lot. Hearing everyone else's stats is also great because it sparks my hunger for fair, healthy COMPETITION.

Incentive, inspiration and competition will be the fuel for the 6-week challenge. In that vein, I'm trying a couple of new/different (for me) exercise routines to spice things up. I'm so bored with bikes and treadmills. One thing I'm doing is the boot camp workout on Sparkpeople. Sparkpeople is free so if you're interested, you can get access to the short exercise videos and recommended additional cardio schedule. I am also going to try the 5 Tibetan Rites workout.

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