Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Quotable

I am back from vacation and trying to maintain the "live in the moment" mindset I cultivated during my week away from the daily grind. There is a strong message running through my life on this topic lately so I had to honor it. This quote was perfect for it.When I say the message is strong, I mean everyone is reminding me to focus on the present. Ash got me an Alex and Ani bracelet last week that said "Live in the Moment." Then, we went on vacation and there was a giant framed photograph of a man reading a book called " How to Live in the Moment. Another book laying on the desk in front of his was titled, "How to Live in the Moment After That. I think the message is pretty clear. Here's to be grateful FOR the moment IN the moment. Happy Monday!!

Be sure to check back this week for vacation photos in the Life Lately post. This photo is the sunset over the Bahamas.

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