Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Quotable

Sorry for the radio silence that started in the middle of last week. I'm working on some new projects that took me away from the blog and despite my best intentions, I didn't get around to posting. I will make up for it this week. Ash is on a health kick so we are experimenting in the kitchen and planning our 4th of July menu. I've also been busy working on some new (and simple) accessories. Stay tuned to the food and style pages for updates! I also owe you a couple of book reviews. The one for Jenny Lawson's Let's Pretend This Never Happened (I LOVE THIS BOOK!!) will be up by tomorrow. I should be finishing Maria Semple's Where'd You Go Bernadette? sometime this week. Sheesh! I've got a lot to do. For now, here's your Monday Quotable. 

Today's "quote" is actually the chorus from Break the Shell by India Arie. I heard the song for the first time this weekend and fell in love with it. The song speaks to me in so many ways. I love it for its reminder that there is a lesson in everything--especially in pain. It is also a reminder that you have to let down your guard (break the shell) and step outside of your box to stand in your truth and really soar. Let's fly! Happy Monday!!

If you want to hear the full song, check out India's performance of it on Super Soul Sunday here.

*Photo is of the sunrise as Ash and I arrived home after a fun (but long) night out.

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