Friday, August 30, 2013

Feel Good Friday


Can You Take A Compliment? Confession: I'm not the best compliment taker. If someone compliments my outfit, I often respond with "Thanks! It was on clearance for $10!!" I've honestly just gotten to a place in the last couple of years where I can just say "Thank you" when someone says I look pretty and I am guilty of disagreeing sometimes. Especially when I don't feel my best.

Ash had a good conversation with me about this on the way to date night a few weeks ago. The conversation started like this:

Ash: whistle, Wooo! Owww!
Me: Oh, please! (Eyebrow raise)
Ash: Why do you do that?
Me: Well, I don't feel..."woo! owww!"
Ash: Well, you look it to me. It's my compliment to you about my opinion. Take it, woman!
Me: I love you. Let's go have a drink.

Hug. Mush. Smack on the ass. (sorry, TMI)

The week after that happened, I saw this video and while it cracked me up, it made me think about my issues...and the issues of a lot of women I know. Why can't we take a compliment. Men don't seem to have an issue with it. Is there something in society that has taught us to downplay our beauty? Will heads explode if we just say "thank you?" Chances are they won't. Strap on your your inner Beyonce. Do whatever you have to do to feel so good about that girl in the mirror that you won't have to say "oh, please," "ugh" or some other version of "I don't feel pretty" when someone tells you that you are. Cause you know what? You are the ish!!   

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