Sunday, August 4, 2013

Only Here For A Moment...For A Reason

Over lunch with a friend today, we started reminiscing about old friends who are no longer in our lives. The conversation quickly turned philosophical and we began talking about how some people are only in your life for a season. They’re here to teach lessons (though it sometimes feels like some people are only here to start trouble) and while it may take some time, distance and perspective, you can usually look back and be thankful for the lesson.

From past boyfriends, I learned what I didn’t want in a husband. I also learned that I can write my own story rather than believing the story others tell me. Shout out to all the guys who said I wasn’t marriage material. Ash says thanks. From friendships that have fizzled, I learned that you don’t have to fight life.  Sometimes, you have to appreciate the love you felt and let people go. I also learned that people who “love” you for the person they want you to be and not for the person you are need a one way ticket to kick rocks-ville. Life is meant to be good and the relationships you fill it with are meant to be supportive and real. Anything else needs to be shaken off and swept out with the dust.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with awesome people. Let’s get ready for an awesome week.

By the way, I’m doing Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s latest 21 day meditation series on relationships (how appropriate after this post). It starts tomorrow. Who’s with me? 

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