Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reflection and New Moves

It’s the end of the #31WRITENOW challenge and I am so happy I participated. It was my first time doing an entire monthly challenge since I started this whole blogging thing. As a result, I got a little more traffic on the site and I got to know some new readers. I also found out that some people close to home (friends and family) were reading all along.  

I also learned I have time to post every day if I plan properly and occasionally pre-write and schedule entries. You make time for what you love, right? You do if you’re serious about growth…and I’m serious about my ish. Where there is dedication, there is growth. Growth leads to new opportunities.
You know where this is going, right? Yep! Time for new features on the blog.

I did a lot in August, including starting a couch to 5K training program. The original goal was just to get in shape. Then my friend Robyn suggested running an actual 5K in October. Who knows where it will go but it’s all in the name of health…and for me, proof of miracles.

Let me digress for a moment. You know I was diagnosed with PAH last year. Ten minutes on WebMD and I just knew my life was over. I was on oxygen and couldn’t walk very far without feeling winded. This week, I ran, I did a boxing workout, and lifted weights. What???!?!?! Yep. Miracles do happen and God is amazing.

Ok—back to the new features. Since Robyn and I are on this 5K/weight loss/get healthy bandwagon together, she suggested that we document our journey in a weekly feature on the blog. Easiest thing I agreed to all week—especially since I was already documenting myself in video and photos. So…we’re running and struggling and we’re going to share our story (for better or worse—humor and all) starting next week. We’re also going to cross post to the cooking page to share the healthy recipes that work for both our taste buds and our waistlines. Stay tuned.

The second new feature came from a friend who asked for a demo on how to make sticky toffee pudding. So I’m going to start taking recipe requests and doing a couple of posts a month showcasing what you want to see made…starting with sticky toffee pudding. Should be interesting!

Have an awesome Labor Day weekend! Chill with loved ones, party like you love life and work in some time to relax. That's what I'll be doing. Cheers!!

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