Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Snippet

This Sunday's snippet is a personal story rather than a collection of little things that filled my day. This one filled my heart (cheesy? Yeah, sorry.)  Ash finally started working on a short film yesterday that he's been putting off for a while. Unfortunately, real (paid) work trumps passion projects. Anyway, I went to set to co-direct and I got a little giddy and teary. You know how something you want to do sits in your head for a long time and you hope you'll get to do it one day? When you live it/see it come true, it is an amazing feeling.I was so happy for him and so thrilled to see something we'd worked on together come to life. It makes me want to keep striving to live a passion-driven life. It's a good thought as I get ready to start a new work week. Hope you had a great weekend.

*First photo courtesy of Google images (taken from Tumblr). Second photo was taken by me on the set. I used the Camera360 app to adjust the coloring. 

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