Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Snippets

I generally don't post on Sundays the weekend. A girl needs a little time to breathe...and to think of content for the coming week. That said, I promised myself I would do the #31WRITENOW challenge and I'm committed to keeping a promise I made to myself for once.

I try not to spend Sundays lamenting the end of the weekend. I'm not always successful--letting go of the carefree spirit of the weekend is tough. What helps me is to do whatever pleases me. Sometimes, I just rest and sometimes, I just treat the day like a Saturday and hang out until I'm exhausted. Then I come home and prep for the week. Today, I went hiking with Ash and Lola, saw 2 Guns and went out to dinner. Bored yet? Sorry. I didn't intend to detail my Sunday routine.

Let's get to the point. Here's some stuff that filled my Sunday (besides the hiking, watching and eating). Hope you ended your weekend doing whatever gives you joy.

Sunday is TV day for me. Right now, it is all about Ray Donovan and Breaking Bad. I can watch (and do watch) Orange is the New Black any day of the week but Sunday is usually when I have time to watch. I LOVE all of these shows and am adding Orange is the New Black to my reading list for the second half of the year. Speaking of books, I'm on the last one for What I'm Reading. I have books for September and October. Any suggestions for November and December?

I refer to this Maya Angelou-ism ALL of the time. This weekend I saw the true character of two people in my life. One cemented my belief in someone I love. The other kind of knocked me off balance. For each, I'm going to believe I've seen who they are and hold on to that going forward.

This is the perfect way to rock a boyfriend jean. I will be pulling this out for a casual date night or girls night sometime in the near future.

This just made me chuckle (like most someecards) so I had to share. I am starting Couch to 5K tomorrow. I have to say, I've never had a desire to run a 5K. When I got sick, I never thought I would be able to. Actually, I am still not sure I'll be able to but for the first time in a while, I feel strong enough to try. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

This big bubble on the Hudson River is an art installation made entirely out of old umbrella frames. The dome itself did its second trip down the Hudson over a year ago but I came across pictures of it and was inspired to do a DIY light fixture. I'm going to experiment a little and if it turns into anything, it will be the home decor page (which hasn't seen any action in quite a while).  

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