Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Being Supremely Happy

I was reading an article today about the habits of supremely happy people, because…I mean, who doesn’t want to be SUPREMELY happy? No hands raised? I thought not.

Anyway, I was reading and thinking I can claim a lot of the habits on the list. For example, I actively try to be happy, I am mindful of the good things in my life (and actively look for and appreciate them), I give back with time and money, and I prefer deep conversation with friends over small talk (I save the general “What’s up?” and “How’s your day?” for texts and e-mails).  I talk a lot on this blog about making a choice to be happy because I truly believe it is a choice. But, (yes, there is a “but”—this isn’t exactly a sunshine and rainbows post), despite all that active happiness, there are instances when I fail to be my usual shiny, happy self. 

For example, last week, I realized that I blinked and the world moved forward without me. Suddenly, all my married friends either have children or are expecting—even those who got married after me. First, it was exciting because I was next on deck. I couldn't wait to join the mommy club. But my story went left and now goes something like "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes nada, zip, zilch but illness and no baby carriage.  Sounds pitiful right? It is. So last week, I allowed myself a little pity party. I even cried a little, which...well, lets just say  this girl isn't a crier—at least not over the spilled milk (i.e. the things I can't control) dripping off the table of my life. After I cried, I reached out to my mama. was that bad. 

And then, I walked out of the pity party (or got dragged out by my mom and Ash) and walked into some perspective. What does that mean? I took a step back and realized nothing had really changed. I was in the same situation I was in the moment right before my realization. I also really believe I will be a mom one day so why waste time being sad? Things rarely go according to plan. It makes for an interesting life but not a failed one. And maybe that’s why I’d consider myself a happy person. There are things in my life that aren’t exactly the source of sunshine but I look at them as what they are. They are the things that make up a life but they aren’t the focus of my whole life. Faith, perspective and optimism can balance just about anything and that’s what got me back to center…and back to a place where I could read an article about supremely happy people and think that I am one. And really, that’s all I can ask for at the end of any given day. 

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