Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Playlist

Ahhhhhh. (that's a relaxed, post-sigh stretch). Say it with me...IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!

You'll have to excuse my enthusiasm. Actually, no you won't. Get on board. Weekend ahead.

It has been a long, emotionally and physically taxing week and I need a couple of days to rest...and by rest, I mean going to Wine Riot! Sounds restful right? LOL! Seriously though, I am going to try to check out a film or two at either the Coney Island Film Festival or the Greenpoint Film Festival and I was serious about Wine Riot...assuming I can shake this cold that is trying to knock me out. Sunday, Ash and I are going to go for a run (read: slow jog) to track our progress towards running a 5K. Gotta get ready for HoBOOken!

Now that you have my itinerary (sorry if that bored you to tears), let's get to the playlist. Last week, Ash and I roadtripped (that's a word in my world) to my cousin's wedding. On the way down, we tried some new (to us) I Heart Radio stations (I generally stick to the Elvis Duran and Kane Show replay channels). Somehow, we found a string of hits from the 90s and it took me right back to high school. As I was singing along and smiling back at the memories connected to the songs, I knew I had to make this week's playlist a throwback.

Today, the focus is on the early and mid 90s but this is the start of a series that will go through 2003, which is when I said goodbye to the hallowed halls of law school and became a real, working, rent paying adult.

And the music stopped...

KIDDING!! The music plays on but the 2004 forward songs (the Ash Era) hold a different space in my heart.

Ok, enough babbling. Happy Friday!! Enjoy the playlist and enjoy your weekend! What are your favorite throwback hits?

*If you don't have Spotify, there is a Grooveshark playlist/link below it. 


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