Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: See Jane(s) Run…Away from the Scale

Last week, I mentioned the start of a new feature co-starring my friend Robyn. Well, it’s time for the kickoff (cue the confetti).


My ongoing journey with being healthy (and by association a healthy weight) has been ongoing since that ever so fast metabolism of my twenties took a bow and exited stage right. I stick to my tried and true programs but anything beyond the first 10 pounds of weight loss remains just out of my reach. I think a large part of it is lack of exercise. I make lots of excuses about not having time but at the end of the day, this girl is just tired…and lazy…and addicted to reality TV. To get out of that, I decided I was going to do a Couch to 5K program. Basically, you do a walk/run 3 times a week for at least 8 weeks increasing your running time as the weeks go on. Genius, right? I thought so—at least for about 6 minutes into my first workout. After my first run (the second half of which was in the rain) I literally thought my heart might explode. For those of you who are familiar with my health issues, you know it’s not outside of the realm of possibility…ok—maybe my ticker won’t explode but I could pass out or something equally horrific. Ultimately, I made it through and after gathering myself, I was kinda proud. More importantly, I decided to keep going but I didn’t want to do it alone. 

I recruited my friend Robyn and Ash to do the program with me. Ash is an athlete and works out everyday (yes, EVERY day) but he slows down to do the jogging with me. Robyn and I are pretty much on equal footing (code for: we want to die after every run BUT we’re doing it and I am confident we will get to a place where all of this is easy (please God, pretty please let it be soon!). Robyn talked me into doing a real 5K at the end of October (cutely dubbed HoBOOken) so it better get easier or we’ll be with the walking crew.

As for weight loss, let’s just say the 30’s are unkind. During the first week of “running,” I actually GAINED a pound. Of course, that could have something to do with date night wine and spinach dip consumption (I know, I know but a girl’s gotta live a little after eating healthy, whole foods all week). Week two was much better. I am officially down 2.2 pounds. It may not seem like a lot to you but I was happy dancing all over my room after that weigh in. I think it helped that in addition to my run, I tagged along with Ash to the gym (a mythical place in a land far away that I pay for but never visit) a couple of times and did a little weight training (3 sets of 10 reps for bicep curls, tricep extensions, leg press, hamstring curl and overhead press) and 100 crunches using a stability ball. One night I even punched the punching bag for little bit. When I say good stress relief….

Finally, I track what I eat on Sparkpeople. Years ago, I was a Weight Watchers online girl and it worked VERY well for me. Sparkpeople offers the components I need (online weight and exercise tracking, food journaling) for free. Win, win. So what did I eat? Lots of grains and greens. On date night, I still knocked back the wine like a champ but I had chips and guacamole to munch on instead of spinach dip. Guac is not light on the fat but it’s healthy fat. That’s a thing, right? Saturday, I was too hung over to do anything (don’t judge—that’s my body’s way of telling me I should have opted for the friggin’ spinach dip or better yet, pizza). Sunday and Monday, I was pretty good despite the holiday weekend. It helped that I had a medical procedure Tuesday and couldn’t go crazy. Again, don’t judge. I’ll take discipline any way I can get it.


OK.  End of summer. Start of fall.  What better time to start a new, healthier routine to shed some pounds and to fit into my winter clothes from 3 (?!?!?) years ago?

This all started with a commitment to finally RUN a 5K. I have walked one before.  But I have not run one before.  So I committed. Two weeks later -- let's call it a mini success -- Mini Couch to 5K (mini because I have not yet committed to 3x per week).

So after cutting out the wine as much as possible, and walking/running at least 5 times, I got on the scale.  Down .2...NOT 2.... POINT 2.  

Well, that was a disappointment.  But, maybe it takes a few weeks.  So after eating whatever I wanted this weekend and drinking some wine, Sunday night I committed to waking up fresh and ready for my recommitment to diet and Couch to 5K.  Instead, I woke up, calves hurting (from climbing steps at the U.S. Open all day in the heat Sunday in flip flops - not too smart), looking out the window at a rainy Labor Day. Then I met Nicole and Ash for an early dinner out at Pier115.

Maybe I’ll start again today.  Good enough I started the exercise/food blog right?

What's Cooking?

Our favorite dishes from this week were Quinoa with Wilted Kale (Nicole) and Pasta and Broccoli (Robyn). Exciting right? We see your mouth watering. C’mon. Get excited. No? OK…pretend it’s a burger and fries and while you’re in the depths of your food fantasy, click here for recipes. 

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