Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: See Jane Clean Up Her Act

It's time for another Weekly Weigh In. No need for a long intro. Let's just dive right in. 


So, week 2 of the blog and the start of week 3 of Couch to 5K.  Let’s just say, again I weighed myself and now I am up 1 lb.  That can’t be good.  BUT I did manage to get myself starting on week 3 which was no easy task.  That day started out with the search for my favorite sports bra.... 20 minutes later and I still could not find it.  Did I stuff it in the back of some random kitchen drawer?  Could my housekeeper have stolen it?  Could I have burned it in the oven in a fit of sleepy anger at 3 a.m.?  (I digress).  I still cant find it  -- but I did manage not to use that as an excuse and found another sports bra to run in (who knew I even had it?!).

Then, the 2.5 minute runs could have knocked me down.  Nope.  

Could the Hoboken Italian festival featuring fried Oreos, zeppolis and Italian sandwiches that I had to run past knock me down? Nope. I just stopped, laughed, took a quick pic and continued. 

 I did it. And I was proud of myself.

Now is time to focus on nutrition.  I have made a promise to myself to really—yes really—try not to have any wine until a few weeks from now – except for the occasional bad days or dinners with friends.  I am hoping that helps.  Stay tuned – I am hoping for a turn around on the nasty scale next week.


Do I look fat in this guilt?

This was a tough week. I had a medical procedure on Monday (and by medical procedure, I mean I had a catheter shoved through my neck, heart and lungs to measure the pressures between my heart and pulmonary artery…while I was awake). Sounds awesome right? I know you’re jealous.

After the procedure, I couldn’t lift anything for 3 days. No strenuous activity (driving is considered strenuous, by the way) allowed. So, NO EXERCISE FOR ME. All I did between Wednesday and Friday was go to work and lay in bed. I won’t pretend that I wasn’t a wee bit excited to lounge around for a few days but I knew the whole time it would make this week that much harder (and boy was I right—more on that later).  
I did manage to eat well balanced meals during the week. Even date night was innocent enough with veggie fajitas (onions, mushrooms, broccoli). Even with the flour tortillas and guacamole, it wasn’t that bad on the calorie scale. I did have wine but I walked away feeling fine with my choices. Then Saturday rolled around. Ash and I were running errands in the city when he suggested going down to the Seaport for drinks.
That night, went a little something like this: one drink, two drink, three drink, FRIES. Then that led to a visit to an old haunt of ours from when we lived in Midtown: Virgil’s. We haven’t been there in at least 5 years. A vegetarian in a barbecue spot isn’t wise—especially when that vegetarian used to love chicken, burgers…and hot dogs. You see where this is going, right?

I started out with onion rings. I can eat that. Not healthy but they’re vegetarian. But as Ash sat there grubbing on grilled chicken wings, the intoxicating smell of the grill took over and I ordered my old usual: 2 flat dogs (basically hot dogs split down the center and grilled) with mustard and coleslaw. Now, I won’t lie. I fall off the wagon (read: I make purposeful decisions to “cheat”) a couple of times a year. Usually, they occur on vacation and they ALWAYS—at least until Saturday—involved seafood. A crab cake sandwich here, some grilled ship there. That’s where I draw the line despite craving some of the things I miss like bacon. So there I was in our old restaurant, recounting old memories, and falling back to old, terrible habits right in the middle of training for a 5K.

At this week’s weigh-in, I was up 1.4 pounds. It was time for an intervention courtesy of my guilt slinging inner voice. At the end of her rant, I decided it was time to detox. Really detox. I decided to dust off the Dr. Oz three day detox that I wrote about in January. Then I remembered how involved it was with the Epsom salt baths and what not. I went to Google and discovered that Dr. Oz has an updated cleanse on his site created by Joe Cross (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) and his doctor. No baths required, which is good since I am a shower girl--and my house was made in the 80s and has a bathtub better suited for a girl MUCH shorter than me. Here’s the menu/shopping list.
Yesterday, I worked out (start of week 3 of Couch to 5K). It was super hard after doing nothing for a week...especially since this week, the runs I'm used to were extended by a minute. I did a water fast during the day and ramped up for the fast by drinking warm water with lemon and herbal tea. I had tomato and avocado salad for dinner. Today, I started on the juices. For the next three days, I will detox by drinking 5 juices throughout the day. At night, I can have a light meal made with unprocessed ingredients. Friday, I can go back to eating regularly but I’m sticking with unprocessed foods for the rest of the week. I figure my body needs at least a week to recover from Saturday night. Going forward (or at least until that ginormous Costco bag of carrots in my fridge is gone), I will drink one juice a day—and it will be the breakfast juice (carrot, apple, ginger) since it is the only one I can honestly say I like.  It would be great with vodka, but I digress. Ok, enough blogging. I’m going to drink my lunch juice (wretch)…which is supposed to taste like gazpacho. It's brown. Don’t be jealous. 

p/s I’ve made homemade juice several times but never made 5 different juices (each containing at least 5 ingredients) for 2 people in one night...after working out. It’s exhausting. I have a great juicer (if you’re interested, you can find it here) but I still stood in front of that friggin’ thing for over an hour between cutting apples in quarters to fit down the shoot, peeling citrus fruit, and rinsing pulp between juices. I now see why people pay hundreds of dollars for pre-made juice detox packages. One click on Amazon vs. hours (ok, not HOURS but it takes a while) of shoving fruits and veggies down a chute.    

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