Thursday, October 17, 2013

1. I love to eat and lately, I've been sticking to fruits and vegetables in an effort to get my health on track. It's nice that some of my favorite foods pack a punch on the beauty front too. Read more here.

2. These bright, sheer polishes make me wish for warmer days. They make it easy to hold on to a little bit of summer.

3. I'm always in the market for new barware. These stainless steel martini glasses are right up my alley.

4. So, Banksy art has been everywhere lately. I admittedly do a lot of shopping online. That's how I found this print. Love the sarcasm and the comment on consumerism.

5. I thought this article on what your cocktail choice says about you was pretty funny.

6. Vinegar and olive oil or art? I love these hand blown cruets for their function and for their decorative appeal.

7. I take enough pictures to justify purchasing this phone case. It comes in a variety of colors.

8. Loved this little breakdown of types of Facebook posts/personalities.

9. Anything that improves upon already delicious french fries is a win in my book. Try these 3 dipping sauces as an alternative to ketchup or mayo.

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