Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Love List for HalloGivingMas

People are just staring to purchase Halloween costumes yet, I am hearing sleigh bells jinglin' (ring ting tinglin') and they are not in my head. In what has now become the norm, Santa Claus is chilling next to the Zombie costumes at your local big box store. 'Tis the Season of HalloGivingMas. Let's get on board this crazy little train, shall we?

The Neiman Marcus Christmas book is out. For me, the excitement of the catalog has always been in the Fantasy Gifts section. I mean, who doesn't need to live in Philip Johnson's glass house for a night (for $30,000)? Seriously, though, I do enjoy dreaming my way through the pages of the Fantasy Gifts and then browsing the rest of the book for holiday gift ideas. The prices range from $12 (coffee mug) to $2,640,000 (outdoor entertainment package). In lieu of this week's traditional Love List, here are some of my favorites (in reality and in my dreams).

1. B Brian Atwood Matte Black Crocodile Boot $695

2. Neiman Marcus 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante $344,500

3. Brevity 22-karat gold-plated customized signature nameplate $295

4. T Tahari Little Black Dress $158.

5. Berek Leather Lace Noir Jacket $548-$598 (depending on size)

6. Eddie Borgo Accessories: (a) Set of Five Rings $500 (b) Alternating Cone Bracelet $480 (c) Large Cone Bracelet $1,000 (d) Small Pave Pyramid Bracelet $375 (e) Link Bracelet $1,200 (f) Small Cone Bracelet $675 (g) Large Pyramid Bracelet $800 

7. Bagatelle Leather Moto Jacket with Knit Collar $395

8. Frye Leather “Dorado” Riding Boots $478 (for either color)

9. Elie Tahari Dual Texture Coat $595

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