Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Quotable

The need to have faith is one of those things that is instilled in most of us--regardless of what higher power(s) that faith is instilled in--from a young age. It soon becomes a platitude used when someone is going through a trying time: "You have to keep the faith!" "You have to have faith." "Faith will get you through." I certainly use those expressions a lot but I often take for granted the meaning underneath.

A family member has been going through a lot lately and in consoling him, Ash and I have used those same phrases. But this weekend, after another issue fell on the pile and, gets to a point where you feel like just telling someone to keep the faith isn't good enough. Yet, it's really the best thing to do. A faith-fueled outlook gives hope for the future--the basis for thinking things will get better. It helps shine the right light on the bad things that happen. They are often not the end of the world. They are usually just a test that strengthens you for things that will come up later in life.

I've been through a lot in my brief (if 35 is considered brief) life and some of it has knocked the wind out of me. But, I've always gotten up because I believed (and still believe) there are better things ahead. I may not have believed it could get better in low moments but, it always was in the end. It's not neat and tied up in a pretty bow-covered package but there has always been a gift at the end of a tough time--even if it's just a realization that I am stronger than I think. So, I try to keep growing into a state of undying faith and grasping on to the faith I've already gained through experience...and I'll keep responding with that when someone I love is struggling.

What do you do to keep the faith in tough times? What do you tell your friends who are struggling?

*Photo is at sunset after a day filled with tornado warnings and severe wind and raid. The colors were so vibrant and amazing, I had to get a shot. Unfortunately, because of the hour (it was after work), I had to race to the top of the parking garage and even then, I could only get the last blaze of the sun before it disappeared behind the trees. Still, the colors in the sky were too beautiful to waste. 

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